Your wedding celebration is one of the biggest events you’re ever going to plan, and it feels like there’s a lot at stake. You want everything to be perfect and seamless, from the moment you say I do, to the moment your guests are left dazzled at the incredible reception that you prepared. This Celebration where you are surrounded by those most important to you is about your love, and it’s something you never want to forget. I’m going to help you remember everything, and more...

Curtis Kennedy prides himself on creating wedding films that are visually stunning and emotionally captivating. Curtis' filmmaking style can be described as modern, romantic, and sentimental with a touch of drama. His timeless approach to wedding filmmaking has been sought after by his clients around the country. Curtis has had the pleasure of filming weddings around the country since 2013 in destinations such as Naples, San Diego, Sarasota, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and New York City.

When he is not creating his next film, you can find Curtis enjoying winters with his family in Southwest Florida and spending summertime in Minneapolis, MN, where he grew up.

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